Debunking 5 Industry Myths

Debunking 5 Industry Myths

1. The Customer is Always Right

This is a very debatable topic, for in some eyes this is correct; and for others only to a certain extent. The philosophy of the "customer is always right," we believe, is a very important thing to abide by as a business. However, there are times when the customer may be wrong. Though rare, when these moments do happen, as a business we try to handle all of these situations in an empathetic manner. For example, we had a situation where a customer had complained about a price on one of our products. They believed that the product was too expensive. However, they were unaware of the costs that were put in to make the product. After getting that point across, we were able to resolve the issue with the customer in a positive way. In these situations, factually there is no choice but to settle on the customer being wrong, but we will always get the point across without calling them out on it.

2. Great Ideas Equal Great Business

This statement has its true parts and false parts. For one, when you have a great idea for your business, the start up and business layout will take care of itself. In spite of this though, the hardest part about having good business is the marketing. When RushOurs first started, we were very confident in our business layout and the way that our business was set up to work. However, after we had told our closest peers about our new business, now we had to figure out how to market the business beyond just our everyday contemporaries. So to answer the question, no it is not always a guarantee that good ideas will always end up in good business.

3. Friends Make Great Business Partners

Now this is one that really depends on the type of friends you have. If your friend is very driven to be successful and is business-oriented then they would make a perfect partner. However, in most cases your friend will often lack motivation or think that it is okay to do little-work simply because they are your friend. Sometimes it is actually better to hire someone you don't know or a former enemy, for they may have something to prove. 

4. Customers Will Come To You

Many including ourselves (RushOurs) think that when you start a business people will just automatically come to you. This is most definitely not the case however. The amount of competition in the market simply makes it impossible for customers to just come to you. That is where marketing ties in once again. Good marketing is essential to any business trying to get traffic to their website. 

5. Successful Businesses Only Chase Money

This is flat out wrong. An up-and-coming business that is going to be successful will always have a passion towards their business. To further explain, a young business-owner must ask themselves 'if they had all the money in the world would they still run their business'? If the answer is no then a business is bound to be unsuccessful. The desire for money must not be the only thing you chase. The passion and love you have for your business should be the greatest factor in your drive to succeed. 

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